Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hope: Host an International Student for the coming School Year?

Help Needed

I'm relaying a message that was sent to me by the Milken Educator Network.  This is from Jim Kerr, who won his Milken Educator Award in 1995, the same year I won mine.   This is a serious and legitimate opportunity to pay it forward.  I wanted the readers of this blog to see this.  Bread upon the waters.... ~ Dennis (MEA 1995 from Nevada).

"My name is Jim Kerr (MEA 1995 from Illinois.) I work as a volunteer placing high school students who have won US Department of State Scholarships for two semesters in an American high school.  The scholarships are hard to win and are often the only opportunity any of the winners will have to visit and get to know American culture. 

We usually begin the placement process in February of a given year and hope to have all the students placed with families and in schools by August. This year has been an especially difficult one and we have just one student left to place. He is a boy from Cameroon with an impressive profile. I am looking for someone to host him for the school year. 

The host can be single, empty nesters, couples, or families with or without children. Hosts are required to provide three meals per day, a place to sleep and study, a comfortable home environment, and transportation to and from school and school activities where a school bus is not available. English must be the primary language used in the home and the host must be an American citizen. 

Can you help me find a home for this one student? I have his profile ready to send to anyone who is interested. If I find a host, I will then contact the public high school to see if his enrollment would be allowed. 

I know it is late to be placing a student, but this young man will not be able to use the scholarship he worked so hard to win unless someone provides him with a home and a school allows his enrollment. Thank you for considering this request.

Jim Kerr
Local Coordinator
American Councils for International Education

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