Thursday, April 27, 2017

Send yourself to code camp this summer!

Resources for teaching kids to code!

June Online Classes with Openings
Featured Course - Teaching K-12 Coding and Computational Thinking
Teaching Beginners to Code
Tech Tip: MIT Open Courseware
Featured Resource - Eportfolio Project Rubric

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June Online Courses with Openings

Featured Course

Learn how to teach computer coding and design instructional activities that solve real-world problems.

Teaching Beginners to Code is the first stop in teaching beginners to code. The founder of the Hour of Code, is a nonprofit organization with a mission to teach as many people as possible about computer science. With resources to teach, learn and inspire people to learn about computer science, it is a one stop shop to get started with computer programming.

CS Unplugged

Computer Science Unplugged is an outstanding, free resource to help teach computational thinking skills without the need for technology! They offer videos, tutorials and activities. They also offer a free downloadable book as well as translations of activities in multiple languages.

Teaching Kids to Code

Edutopia has gathered a wealth of articles to help you get started teaching students to code. From the why to the how, learn how educators all over the world are tying coding into their curriculum.

Kodable: Teach Kids to Code

Kodable created this infographic about why we should teach children to code

Teaching Computer Programming

Khan Academy offers this fantastic resource to guide you in teaching computer programming in the classroom and in out-of-school programs.

Featured Resource - Eportfolio Rubric

Tech Tip: MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware offers their computer science courses online.

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