Monday, December 11, 2017

Teach Online Courses- Launch your career in 2018

elearning for educators

EDUC 760 E-learning for Educators 
 Instructor: Maggie Rouman
(Flipped Classroom Teaching and Online Training)
Online Course 3 semester credit hours

Learn to:

  • Add online power to traditional instruction/training.
  • Convert a course or workshop for online delivery. 
  • Create and facilitate discussion forums.
  • Design online surveys and quizzes.
  • Build a career advancing e-portfolio. 

You will:

  • Analyze research on using learning management systems for online and blended settings.
  • Create prompts and facilitate discussion forums.
  • Create technology-based assessment.
  • Critically analyze universal design and accessibility research.
  • Create closed caption video.
  • Research, evaluate and curate digital information.
  • Design and publish an electronic portfolio of course artifacts.

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