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Where and How to Find Online Teaching Jobs (Part 1)

Teaching is the best job in the world. You help people. You spend your work life energy participating in an endlessly fascinating process. You also get paid to learn.

Online teaching adds geographical independence and a big dose of entrepreneurship to the life of a teacher.  I've found that to be a very good thing.

As an instructor and program advisor for the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Online Teaching Graduate Certificate Program I teach online classes every semester.  Another very important part of my job is helping people find work.

I try to keep our students informed of new jobs as I find them. However,  every time I search I find thousands of online teaching jobs.  I can't republish them all but I do have an archive of online teaching  e-Jobs on my E-Learning page.

The best thing you can do is learn to search for the e-Job you want.  Let me show you where you can find those job leads for yourself.  (Don't miss the RSS feeds highlighting e-jobs found in the right hand column of this blog.)

I'm convinced, that at this very moment, the perfect online teaching job is waiting for any talented teacher with the right combination of subject matter skills, e-learning training and professional networking.

The E-Learning Employment Triangle

e-learning employment triangle e-learning opportunities come from your subject matter expertise, 21st century networking skills and e-learning and teaching experience
The E-Learning Employment Triangle

With the proper qualifications most work will come through your professional network. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't search directly for work and put together the necessary paperwork to land the online teaching jobs you seek.

Here are some of the search engines that produce results.  

  • Take the time to set up accounts and upload fresh resumes or CVs.  
  • Be sure your online e-portfolios are polished and ready for a critical eye.  
  • Then start searching!
HigherEd Jobs

One More Hint:  Jump in the Pool!

These snapshots represent searches for  recent jobs.  You can also search for all job listings because even if the institution doesn't have a job available right now, you might land one in the future.   Don't underestimate the power of getting your application into the Adjunct hiring pool.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 28th Online Courses - Final Call

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Final Call for March 28th Courses
Plan Ahead - Summer Online Courses
Tools to Evaluate Educational Apps

Best Educational Apps
Tech Tip: Manage Your Mobile Files
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Final Call for Online Courses Beginning on March 28th

Tools to Evaluate Educational Apps

There are over 80,000 educational apps and it is difficult to determine which ones to purchase and which ones to ignore.

Kathy Schrock’s Critical Evaluation of a Content-based iPad/iPod App
Tony Vincent’s Educational App Evaluation Rubric
Tony Vincent’s App Evaluation Checklist

Explore the Best Educational Apps

Explore reviews of apps for Android, iOS, Chrome and other devices.

How to Find Educational Apps
Kyle Snow shares the 4 pillars of learning, as described by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and her colleagues, to help parents and educators choose apps that inspire learning in children.

Best Apps for Teaching & Learning
Each year the American Association of School Librarian team compiles a list of apps that encourage inquiry-based learning and describes the intended audience, key features, and a tip for classroom use.

The 32 Most Innovative Online Educational Tools
Noodle provides a list of 32 recommended apps with a detailed explanation of why each app was chosen.

Best Apps for Kids
Best Apps for Kids provides a feature to search by grade level, content area, category, and to identify free apps.

22 Chrome Apps Every Teacher Should Know About
The Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Website lists apps for classrooms using Chromebooks or the Chrome browser.

Educational Apps and Games
Common Sense Media rates apps for games and websites by age and skill.

Kathy Schrock's iPads4Teaching
Kathy Schrock provides an all-inclusive review about iPads for teaching and learning.

Featured Courses

EDUC 641 Mobile Learning Instructional Design (for Chromebooks, cell phones, tablets, and iPads)
Instructor: Ann Bell
Our students say…
"The collaboration that took place during this class was amazing. It was like a professional development opportunity hopped up on steroids. I not only met professionals from all over the country who use mobile devices to maximize their instruction and overall learning in the classrooms, but I learned specific strategies to use apps effectively."
~ Don Smore, Coleman, Wisconsin
EDUC 652 Universal Design for Learning (for online and face-to-face classes and training)
Instructor: Dr. Susan Manning
Our students say…
“The best things about this course are Dr. Manning's feedback, class discussion and interaction, high quality resources, and the ability to make the projects personalized and relevant for educators, instructional designers or trainers.”

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Tech Tip: Manage Your Mobile Files

6 File Manager Apps for iOS and Android
Brett Nuckles offers apps to help manage file storage on your mobile device

Manage Apps on your iPhone and iPad (Video: 2 minutes)
Sarah Whittaker offers a few tricks to manage apps and available memory on your iOS device.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

E-Portfolios for Career Development: It's not just resumes anymore! (Part 4)

Powerful New Ways to Use ePortfolios in the Classroom

The E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate program at UW-Stout includes the class by class development of an online ePortfolio. The ePortfolio features artifacts of learning that demonstrate both the technical expertise and theoretical knowledge regarding e-learning and online teaching.

During the Practicum, in addition to actively teaching in an online class, participants finalize their portfolios with an emphasis on career development. Portfolios help distinguish any application for an online teaching job. 

Here's an overview of the e-Portfolio project that is finalized during the E-Learning Practicum. Numerous examples from program graduates are included.

This video will give you additional insight to ePortfolios:

Explore new ways of using digital portfolios to showcase, assess and deepen learning.

11 Essentials For Excellent ePortfolios
Vicki Davis shares her insights in this timely Edutopia article.

Making Learning Visible and Meaningful Through Electronic Portfolios
Terrell Rhodes provides examples of how several higher ed campuses use rubrics with eportfolios to provide multi-dimensional evidence of students' abilities.

ePortfolios with Google Apps
Helen Barrett's extensive experience with eportfolios is evident in her comprehensive guide to using Google Apps for ePortfolios.

The Learning Portfolio: Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning (pdf - 19 pages)
John Zubizaretta describes key questions to consider when developing effective portfolios to support reflective learning. Included are sample questions to help students reflect on their learning.

E-Portfolio & Webpage Rubrics from UW-Stout
Joan Vandervelde's rubric can be used for assessment of student ePortfolios.

5 Lessons Worth Learning About E-Portfolios
Dian Schaffhauser shares lessons learned while building a campus wide e-portfolio system a the University of Alaska Anchorage.

E-Learning and Online Teaching - ePortfolios
This curated archive of articles about ePortfolios is a deep resource.

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  2. Finding E-Learning Jobs
  3. Finding Online Teaching Jobs: Are you a Online Teaching, Adjunct Instructor, K-12 Virtual Teacher? 
  4. E-Portfolios for Career Development: It's not just resumes anymore!
  5. Make Money Teaching Online 
  6. Successful Techniques and Proven Strategies for Finding Online Teaching Work