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EDUC 696B Integrating Social Media Instructional Strategies

University of Wisconsin-Stout Online

EDUC 696B Integrating Social Media Instructional Strategies 

Online Course 1 semester hour graduate credit ($397)
Instructor: Dr. Kay Lehmann
Tuition and Registration
EDUC 696B 961 May 29 - June 25, 2012
EDUC 696B 960 July 9 - August 3, 2012
EDUC 696B 900 October 1 – December 14, 2012

Who should enroll?

Designed for elementary, middle school, and high school classroom teachers, special education teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators and support staff at all levels.  
Explore inspiring and effective ways to use social media for professional development or in the classroom or assignments, assessments, cross-cultural communication and language learning, collaborative learning, and real-world experiential learning. 
Connect  professionally and/or connect students with learning opportunities via social networks and cloud-based tools. Also, learn how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other personal learning networks for instantaneous and targeted professional development.


Social media applications for professional development, global collaborative initiatives, learning community development and collaborations. Digital citizenship and learning outcomes and assessment using social media.
This course is an approved elective in the Master of Science in Education online degree program. NOTE: You may enroll in this course to meet your goals for professional development, license renewal, or to complete graduate credits and transfer the credit to another university.


Levinson, M. (2010). From fear to Facebook: One school’s journey. ISTE: Eugene, OR. ISBN-13: 978-1564842701 Available from or as a paperback or from as a Kindle edition.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  1. Advocate and model safe, legal, and ethical use of social media.
  2. Evaluate a variety of social media tools for professional or classroom use and develop learning applications.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of collaboration and communication strategies using social media with other professionals, community partners, or parents.
  4. Critically analyze connected classroom projects and professional development opportunities conducted via social media.
  5. Develop an assessment tool for evaluating social media for classroom or professional applications.
  6. Develop an action plan demonstrating ethical and effective application of social media for communication, professional development, assessment of learning, learning communities, experiential learning or integration in the curriculum. 

Alignment with Standards

Course objectives are aligned with the following:

Wisconsin Standards for Teacher Development and Licensure
 (WI DPI) 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards 4 and 5
No travel to campus is required. Because this class is asynchronous and open to you 24/7, you may participate from your home or work computer during hours that are best for your work and family schedule.
The class is highly interactive with a significant discussion component. All discussion postings, projects and assignments will be submitted via the course discussion board and dropbox. Activities are conducted according to a schedule with specific due dates each week.

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