Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Online Professional Development for Teachers

Online Classes Open Now for Summer Sessions.

Graduate Credit perfect for license renewal. 

Check out over 34 online courses to help you grow as an educator.

EDUC 640 Poverty in Schools: Working with At-Risk Students
Study the characteristics and issues facing at-risk students because of economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Investigate traits of high-performing high-poverty schools with emphasis on strategies to reduce the achievement gap and build community partnerships.

EDUC 744 970 Strategies for Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
Evidence-based preventive strategies, positive behavioral supports, effective interventions, and classroom management strategies for addressing problem behaviors, chronic noncompliance and intermittent disruptive conduct.
EDUC 744 911 Effective Classroom Management
Explore a variety of management techniques to help students become self-regulated learners. Improve your time management techniques including management of email, paperwork, planning, and classroom organization.

EDUC 744 925 Bullying in Schools
Explore policies, procedures, climate and culture for providing positive, safe and respectful schools. Develop practical instructional strategies for breaking the cycle of bullying, including the escalating problem of cyberbullying using text messaging, personal websites, Facebook and social media to bully and harass peers.

EDUC 643 960 Differentiated Instruction

Explore techniques for creating a stimulating, effective classroom for all students – from English language learners to special education students to students with a variety of learning styles. Includes differentiated assessment strategies.  

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