Sunday, January 4, 2015

1-2-3 How to Clean Up Microsoft Word's underlying HTML

To fix formatting issues that commonly occur when pasting text directly from Microsoft Word into an online discussion board, use the free Word to Clean HTML tool.

  1. Paste your text into the tool’s large white window, then click on the “Convert to Clean HTML” button. 
  2.  In the next window, click “Copy HTML to Clipboard” then press “Ctrl-C” (Windows) or “Command-C” (Macintosh). 
  3.  Finally, use “Ctrl-V” (Windows) or “Command-V” (Macintosh) to paste the converted text into a new discussion board posting.
This technique works whenever you want to paste Word text into an HTML environment. (Thanks to Karen Franker, editor of UW-Stout's Tech Tips for bringing this tool to our attention!)