Thursday, December 13, 2012

David Wiley on Openness (TEDx)

David Wiley is an open education pioneer.  He describes the essential attributes of open education as sharing expertise and being open to:

  • Reuse
  • Redistribute
  • Revise
  • Remix

Just a few years ago most educators were so snarled in the Gordian Knot of copyright and fair-use fears they were afraid to teach with online content.  Now open education is an international movement.

The basic values of open education: sharing and generosity promote world wide learning in a dramatic and empowering way.

To promote this way of learning we must overcome the "inner two year old" and stop screaming mine!

Wiley argues that "openness is really the only means of doing education". In deed he makes the point that without sharing there is no education.

If you're reading this blog you've already built some expertise in the area of online education. Working online makes it very easy to share.  Wiley makes a point that should encourage you to share your knowledge:" Expertise is Nonrivalrous. It can be given without being given away."

He also makes some insightful comments about how Course Management Systems restrict the flow of information is outdated thinking.

As always, Wiley is thought provoking and forward thinking.  Take 15 minutes to 'Open' your thinking!