Friday, December 7, 2012

Snack Learning" and Other Mobile Learning Trends

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December 7, 2012
Editor: Karen Franker
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Final Call for Online Courses Starting in January
"Snack Learning" and Other Mobile Learning Trends and Predictions
Tech Tip: The Easiest Way to Print From Your iPhone
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"Snack Learning" and Other Mobile Learning Trends and Predictions
How has mobile learning impacted teaching and learning in 2012, and what do educational leaders see as the next intriguing directions for mLearning?
Stephanie Kovach describes the top six growth areas in mobile learning including: Bring Your Own Device, “snack learning”, and location-based integration with workplace training.
Miles McNamee offers a list of the top trends for mobile learning including: growth of app development, cloud storage, and  an integrated user experience.
Gary Woodill’s diagram depicts the past and present of mobile learning, and offers intriguing speculations about the future, such as device shape-shifting.
Edutopia staff members share their Pinterest collection of favorite resources for mobile learning, including numerous infographics.
The TeachThought staff lists key principles and challenges in the evolution of mobile learning, with a focus on how learners access content and how a “curriculum” is defined.

Tech Tip: The Easiest Way to Print From Your iPhone
Dave Leclair provides step-by-step directions for using the Printer Pro app to print from an iPhone to wired and wireless printers, all without having to copy any files onto your phone.
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